Barrel Holder

Our barrel holders are designed for use in dispensing robots. The fixing devices hold the dispensing cylinders in place for a variety of tasks. They are usually fitted on tri-axis and four axis dispensing units for single or double glue application.

Main types Specifications
DT-129 Single head, DS series, 10cc plastic glue cylinder
DT-101 Single head, DS series, 30/55cc plastic glue cylinder
DT-103 Single head, DS series, crash protection, 30/55cc plastic glue cylinder
DT-121 Single head, DS series, 300/330ml aluminum-made glass glue cylinder
DT-126D03 Card type glue tank, mixture pipe + dispensing needle
DT-206-2/-3/-4 Double head, three head, four head; economical module, adjustable center distance
DT-198-2/-3/-4 Precision module multi-head, adjustable center distance
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